Friday, 6 November 2009

41 Mesin Pencari Photo dan Icon

Kebanyakan dari kita tidak menciptakan photo dan icon sendiri ketika membuat sebuah design web. Itu bukan berarti kita tidak mampu, tetapi lebih dikarenakan banyaknya pilihan yang lebih baik yang tersedia di internet. Banyak tersedia materi photo dan icon yang benar-benar bagus dan kreatif, dan tak sedikit dari semua itu dapat anda miliki secara gratis. Hanya saja masalahnya adalah dapatkah kita menemukan itu semua?

Pada posting kali ini saya akan membawa kita semua kepada mesin pencari yang berkonsentrasi pada pencarian photo dan icon. Dan inilah 41 Mesin Pencari Photo dan Icon. Dan apabila anda kesulitan untuk men-download-nya, silahkan mampir ke KiosDesign, disana anda dapat memiliki beragam materi design secara mudah.

Image Search Engines

  • EveryStockPhoto

    A search engine for free photos come from many sources and are license-specific. You can view a photo’s license by clicking on the license icon, below and left of photos.


  • Xcavator is a stock photo search portal for the creative community. You can quickly browse the way you think – visually – through millions of stock images.


  • Ginipic

    Ginipic takes image search to a whole new level. Now you can search image search engines, photo sharing websites or your own local picture collections simultaneously.


  • GazoPa

    GazoPa is a next generation similar image search engine in private beta. Users can search images from the web based on user’s own photo, drawings, images found on the web and keywords.


  • FreeFoto is the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet. features exclusive images found nowhere else on the web with new pictures being added every week.


  • TurboPhoto – Free Stock Images

    Browse and download 2,000 (3.4 GB) free stock images from 10 categories (view all thumbnails below). Stock images are in the public domain.


  • Feelimage

    Feelimage is not only key words search. It is also equipped phrase search, that is images search engine ‘FeelPhrase®‘.
    It’s corresponding 127 colors, and has a technology that quantifies colors like ‘red’ ‘ blue’ in images.


  • oSkope

    oSkope is a visual search assistant that lets you browse and organize items from Amazon, Ebay, Flickr, Fotolia, Yahoo!Image Search and YouTube in an intuitive way.


  • Incogna

    Incogna process the shape in every image and use this to build a large scale searchable visual index.


  • Imagery

    Imagery search executes an keyword search and rollover results to get photo dimensions and options to open the source page or the image itself.


  • ImageBase

    The ImageBase is a searchable image and text database of objects from the collections of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.


  • Pixolu

    An image search engine which lets you go deeper into the mechanism of image search and lets you find more relevant images using the image results it displays the first time you search.


  • Picsearch

    Search the web for images. An image search service with more than 3,000,000,000 pictures.


  • Picitup

    Picitup is a leading web 3.0 developer and provider of content based image search services.


  • PicFog

    PicFog provides a real time image search.


  • PicFindr

    PicFindr is a rich internet application (RIA) that helps you search several stock image and photo community sites simultaneously.


  • Pixsy

    Pixsy powers video and image search experiences for some of the Internet’s leading brands including Pearson, Lycos, National Lampoon, Cooliris, BuddyTV, Infospace, and many others.


  • Biomed-Search

    Search for images from biomedical articles. Currently over 1 Million images have been indexed. BioMed Seach indexes image captions along with the citations to these images.

  • Bing Image Search

    An image search engine on Bing.


  • Compfight

    A Flickr image search tool.


  • Tiltomo

    Tiltomo, where you can play with our Visual Search code using two sample databases from flickr.


  • Altavista Image Search

    Altavista image search tool.


  • Photogen

    The source for quality, high-res FREE stock photos and images.


  • Yahoo! Image Search

    Image search engine on Yahoo!

    yahoo image search

  • Google Image Search

    A very powerful image search engine provided by Google.


  • facesaerch

    Enter a name and search for faces!


  • Multicolr

    With the Multicolr Search Lab, you can browse through 10 million of Flickr’s most ‘interesting’ Creative Commons images, and find ones that share the same colours.


  • PicBrk

    A real time image search.


  • PD Photo is a repository for public domain photos.


  • Stock.XCHNG

    Stock.XCHNG lets you browse through the categories of our huge gallery containing over 350.000 quality stock photos by more than 30.000 photographers!


Icon Search Engines

  • Challenger IconDB

    Challenger IconDB (Icon Database) is a database that contains icons of various sizes and keywords attached to them.


  • ICONLOOK is a place where to find your icons and offers a pretty handy interface for searching and downloading icon files.


  • Icons-Search

    The Icons-Search is an Icon Search Engine that helps you to find quality icons available on the Internet. You can find icons for Windows Vista and XP, Macintosh, Linux, icons for Desktop, Software, Website, Mobile, Presentation, in sizes from 16×16 to 256×256 in PNG format and sizes from 16×16 to 128×128 in ICO format.

  • Iconlet

    Iconlet is simple search engine for free icons, images. For every image user get information about author, image resolution, graphics format and license type.


  • IconFinder

    Iconfinder provides high quality icons for webdesigners and developers in an easy and efficient way.


  • IconSeeker

    The is an icon search engine on web, it contents about 50,000+ high quaility icons and each icon has PNG, ICO and ICNS formats for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Systems.


  • Icon Library


  • EasyIconFinder

    EasyIconFinder is a new Icon Search Engine that helps you find quality icons now available simple by filling in a keyword !

  • Free Icons Web

    Free Icons Web is where you can browse and download Over 15,000 high quality Free Icons for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Systems.


  • Very Icon

    The is a icon search engine, it contents over 20000 high quaility web icons in more than 1000 icon packs. Each Icon has serval file formats such as PNG, ICO, you can free browse and download for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Systems.


  • IconsPedia

    Search and download free icons in PNG format. Arranged by categories, that include animals, food and phones.


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